How is Urban Bunches different?  

Do you ever go online to send flowers to friends or family and get really bummed out by the options available? 

Not okay with the granny style bunches or exorbitant pricing?

Neither are we.


At Urban Bunches Perth we want to share the love and deliver beautiful, locally grown flowers and artisanal gifts crafted by small Aussie businesses. We think our loved ones and colleagues deserve more than yet another generic bunch of roses with gerberas and babies breath.  

Our goal is to have a minimal carbon footprint and to use local flowers that haven’t been drowned in pesticides and chemicals before they are shipped to our shores. Traditional florist businesses have high levels of waste as they have to guess what the customers will want and order large amounts of flowers that may not be used. We only order what we will use, and offer a limited number of styles to keep things streamlined. 

All of our green waste is composted and used as plant food on our urban flower farm, and we only use paper or vases to deliver our flowers to you.


- No plastic or cellophane

 - No rubber bands  

- Definitely no floral foam- that stuff sits in landfill forever and is the actual worst.

  Everything we deliver to you can be composted, recycled or reused.


We use what is fresh, seasonal and local, and we hope to be a part of the change that is occurring in the way people are buying flowers.  

Field to Florist is similar to the slow food Farm to Table movement, where consumers are making a conscious choice to find out the origin of their food, and support local farmers and producers. We aren't meant to have spring flowers in winter but it has become normalised and part of our consumer culture where we want access to things immediately.

 Be a part of the slow flower movement and ask where your flowers are from.